Keller's 128 oz. Dijon Style Mustard

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Philly's favorite mustard!

Experience the bold and delicious flavor of Keller's Dijon Style Mustard. Made in small batches with only the finest ingredients, this mustard is the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry. With a classic tangy taste and a smooth texture, it is ideal for all your favorite dishes that require mustard, from hot dogs and burgers to sandwiches and dressings. And it's not just for savory dishes - try adding a spoonful to your deviled eggs or potato salad for an extra kick of flavor. Our 128 oz. bottle is perfect for any household or restaurant use, and with its convenient resealable cap, you can enjoy fresh-tasting mustard for a longer time. Order now and taste the quality of Keller's mustard in your next meal!

Ingredients: Mustard Bran, Mustard Seed, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Salt & Spices.

OU Kosher

Local pick up or local delivery only.