About Us

Rosa Food Products, named after Giacomo Foti’s wife Rosa Foti, was started in 1900. It was first a small shop at the corner of 13th and Federal Street in South Philadelphia catering to the local Italians in the area. Foods from Italy were imported and sold. As time passed, the demand for Rosa food products grew – and so did the business. By the 1930′s, a warehouse was in existence with a variety of products bearing the Rosa label. Giacomo Foti and his son, Leonardo, were bottling cooking oils for private label and the Rita label. Rosa Food Products became a wholesale food distributor selling not just Rosa products, but a variety of Italian foods. In 1969, Leonardo’s son, Giacomo Foti II, incorporated Rosa Food Products and continued the family tradition. Over time, new brands and products have been introduced. The bottling of vinegar and mustard were started in the early 1990′s with the acquisition of H. Keller Company.

A photo of 1 of over 300 Rosa Food Stores
The first corner store at 13th & Federal Streets in South Philadelphia

In the year 1999, Giacomo and his family decided on building a brand new facility to meet the needs of its customers. After numerous discussions on location, the business moved to Grays Ferry Avenue in 2004. Rosa Food Products distributes their own quality brands of Aveca, Cassino, Giacomo, Keller’s, Luna, Italy Brand American, Leonardo, Pavilion, Rosa and Rita. Today the company imports and distributes to supermarkets, restaurants, specialty stores, club stores and food distributors. A large variety of items include tomatoes, vegetable oils, bread crumbs, peppers, specialties, biscuits, candy, pasta, seafood, cheese, spices, vinegars, extracts, housewares, waters, panettones, soups, olives, beans, mustards and olive oil soap.

An ad from December 22, 1952
An aerial photo of the current factory

Now in its fourth generation, Rosa Food Products is a true family business with family pride. The company is still located in South Philadelphia but services a much wider area. Rosa Food Products has a variety of foods that we can offer to you! Just click on the link to shop online and browse a few of our many products. Take a look to see if your company can benefit as well as we have in selling these products. We have a product list available for download under Info. If you’re interested in any other brands, or don’t see something you want, give us an e-mail. We may carry the items that you desire or be able to acquire them.