Rosa 1 oz. Vanilla Extract

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Rosa 1 oz. Vanilla Extract

Looking for an ingredient to elevate your baked goods and beverages? Look no further than Rosa's 1 oz Vanilla Extract. Made from high-quality vanilla extractives, water, alcohol (75%), invert syrup, and propylene glycol, our vanilla extract is perfect for adding rich, sweet vanilla flavor to your favorite recipes.

Use it to create homemade pizzelle and other vanilla-flavored cookies, or add a few drops to your favorite milkshake for an extra burst of flavor. Our vanilla extract is made from pure vanilla pods that are carefully macerated and percolated in a solution of ethanol and water to create a delicious and aromatic solution. And with a minimum of 35% alcohol, you can trust that our vanilla extract is pure and high-quality.

Experience the difference that Rosa's vanilla extract can make in your cooking and baking. Buy a bottle today and discover the rich, sweet, and complex flavor that only pure vanilla can provide!

Ingredients: Vanilla Extractives, Water, Alcohol (75%), Invert Syrup, and Propylene Glycol.